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Green walls are well known to reduce stress and help people relax in the urban environment as well as improving air quality within a building. Living walls also open up opportunities to create art and improve building aesthetics. Nature never goes out of fashion.


Air quality within a building is markedly improved when a green wall is present. The use of recycled storm water to feed a green wall helps reduce a building's waste water and improve it's impact on the environment. Green walls also absorb heat therefore lowering energy usage. See our other green wall and green roof websites:  |   |  |  |  |


Having a living wall results in efficient thermal mass leading to a cooler building and energy saving. There is a better environmental building rating and potential increase in property value from having a stand-out green feature. Tenants and customers are more likely to be attracted to and stay longer at the building.


“We are Inscape Green Walls”

David Frew

David Frew

Landscape Manager

David has been with Inscape Ltd since October in 2011 and is in charge of the exterior landscaping and work with inscape’s green walls in Auckland. David has over 30 years’ of experience in horticulture, including 15 years in the UK. He has experience in both the interior and exterior side of the industry. David has studied at both Massey University in NZ and Merrist Wood in the UK. Making him a fundamental team leader for projects within inscape’s green wall industry.

Richard Furniss

Richard Furniss

Managing Director

Richard is part of a team of experienced people who value long term relationships and working partnerships. Richard’s skills are lateral thinking and a dynamic approach to problem solving, ensuring that customers remain satisfied and their objectives are achieved. He subscribes to the life value of the customer and believes Inscape has a duty of care towards the environment. Richard is a crucial project director with managing Inscape’s main green wall enterprise.

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Inscape Ltd Quotes

Inscape Ltd

“Inscape’s vision is to run a company that is dedicated to enhancing people’s environments by providing refreshing and positive workspaces with

interior plant design or green walls

which are healthy and great for everyone’s wellbeing.”


What the professionals are saying

“As Green walls

become more and more mainstream, live plants are essential in keeping true-to-the-nature of the green concept.”

What the Professionals are saying

“Adding plants to an interior setting is a natural way to provide a relaxed setting for our hotel guests while creating a healthy environment.”

Inscape Ltd

“We are a 100% NZ owned indoor plant hire, green wall and landscape company, who pride ourselves on enhancing indoor and outdoor environments of businesses around the country.”


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